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Special Effects in Pacific Rim


Special Effects in Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim revisits the concept of Aliens coming from within ocean to destroy humanity. This sci-fi thriller mirrors Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. In War of the Worlds, Aliens remain dorment underground until they hatch their end-of-the-world plan exterminate humans. Pacific Rim is an interesting science fiction concept that features plenty of special effects.

Special effects are spectacular in end of the world and science fiction movies. In these types of movies, the moviegoer is drawn in to the visual aesthetics of cinema. We haven’t watched Pacific Rim yet, so we welcome reviews about the special effects. The Pacific Rim trailer speaks volumes about what science fiction movie is about – an end of the world special effects bonanza about robots fighting Alien creatures

Sci-fi fans have been waiting to watch another movie with Aliens as well as the end of the world. War of the Worlds proved this demand with making over $200+ million in the domestic box office on a $132 million production budget. Guillermo del Toro dispatched $180 million to make Pacific Rim.

These two movies rely on special effects to create a thrilling experience. Once the pilot enters the robot, the human mind becomes the robot. This resembles astral projection, where the astral body maneuvers around another world in suspended animation.

Slowing motion is effective to show moviegoers the details that go into special effects, especially in making the fighting scenes between the human-manned robots and the Aliens appear surreal.

Any movie about the end of the world is not complete without special effects. Guillermo del Toro won an Academy Award in 2007 for Best Achievement in Cinematography for his Pan’s Labyrinth movie. This director is an auteur, where he usually writes, directs, and shoots movies to make them visually appealing.

If you watched or plan to view Pacific Rim at the movies this weekend, return back to comment on the special effects here. Enjoy Pacific Rim!

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